Frequently Asked Questions


Just a few questions, answered

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No – We feel that to make the most of your investment and the trainers expertise, you need to train one on one.
As long as you give us 12 hour’s notice we won’t charge you for the session. The only exemption is a medical emergency.
Our sessions last for 1 hour
Your first session will involve a full body health assessment, movement screen and goal setting.
NO!!! Your training plan will be adjusted to your individual level of fitness, whatever that may be.
We advise that clients train minimum of twice a week to get the most out of their investment, 3 sessions a week is ideal.
It depends as everyone is different, but usually visible results will be seen within the first 6 weeks. You should start to notice physical/strength improvements within 4 weeks and mentally starting to feel the benefits straight away. As a studio we are results driven, so this is something we will be closely monitoring.
Well, most people don’t use their gym membership to its full potential. Personal Training is an investment in your health and wellbeing, the return that you get with regards to results and knowledge that you can
Absolutely not, if you want to “tone” then that means you need to build muscle whilst burning bodyfat. If you follow your nutrition plan and train hard, you will not get bulky.
Yes – the plan will be customised to the individual, rather than being given a generic food plan.
You will have access to your trainer 24/7, they will provide additional training and nutritional guidance to help you achieve your goals.