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About our corporate wellness service

At NG Health and Fitness, we believe in more than just push-ups and protein shakes. We care about your mind just as much as your muscles. Being happy and feeling good about yourself is just as important as being fit. That’s why we work closely with local businesses and their teams to help everyone be the best they can be, inside and out. When people are feeling good in their bodies and their minds, they do their best work. They are more focused, more creative, and more motivated.

Remember the big sickness that kept everyone at home for a while? We all thought working from home, with video calls and emails, would be great. And it was, for a little bit. But after two years of looking at screens all day, a lot of people are starting to feel down. Our bodies are meant to move, and our minds need a break from the screens.

Paige laughing with a client at NG Health and Fitness
Nathan training a client through rehab exercises at NG Health and Fitness

That’s where we come in. At NG Health and Fitness, we’re here to help businesses understand this. We help them see that a healthy team is a happy team. When people take care of their bodies, with exercise and good food, they don’t get sick as often. When people take care of their minds, by taking breaks and doing things they enjoy, they are happier at work.

Happier, healthier people make for a better workplace. They do better work, they help each other more, and they make the workplace a nicer place to be. So let us help your team be healthy and happy, because it’s good for them, and it’s good for business.

What's included

What we offer with one to one corporate wellness service

Bounce back from pregnancy with the aid of our post-natal training service. See a breakdown of how our post natal training can help you:

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Customised Workout Plans

Personalized exercise routines designed to accommodate individual fitness levels, preferences, and goals.
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Access To Our Studio App

When you sign up for our restore program, you will get access to our exclusive NG Health and Fitness App.
A photo of Paige and Nathan, both personal trainers at NG Health and Fitness

Expert Trainers

Our experts have trained hundreds of people and your team will have access to them during the corporate wellness service.
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In-House Workshops

We offer in-house workshops, in-house seminars and group training to get your company moving.
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Wellness Advice

With our wellness advice, you will see your teams health and wellbeing improve.
NG Health and Fitness Personal Training Service

Discount Personal Training

When you book your team in for training, your employees will get a discounted price on personal training as well.


Corporate Wellness questions, answered

If you can’t find the information you are looking for here or on the rest of the website, please head over to our contact page and get in touch.

No – We feel that to make the most of your investment and the trainers expertise, you need to train one on one.
As long as you give us 12 hour’s notice we won’t charge you for the session. The only exemption is a medical emergency.
Our sessions last for 1 hour
Your first session will involve a full body health assessment, movement screen and goal setting.
NO!!! Your training plan will be adjusted to your individual level of fitness, whatever that may be.
We advise that clients train minimum of twice a week to get the most out of their investment, 3 sessions a week is ideal.
It depends as everyone is different, but usually visible results will be seen within the first 6 weeks. You should start to notice physical/strength improvements within 4 weeks and mentally starting to feel the benefits straight away. As a studio we are results driven, so this is something we will be closely monitoring.
Well, most people don’t use their gym membership to its full potential. Personal Training is an investment in your health and wellbeing, the return that you get with regards to results and knowledge that you can
Absolutely not, if you want to “tone” then that means you need to build muscle whilst burning bodyfat. If you follow your nutrition plan and train hard, you will not get bulky.
Yes – the plan will be customised to the individual, rather than being given a generic food plan.
You will have access to your trainer 24/7, they will provide additional training and nutritional guidance to help you achieve your goals.